Mini-Fibre Wall Outlet

the plug&play type

State of the Art Design

The Mini-Fibre Wall Outlet has been developed to meet the requirements of FTTH network. The challenge was to create an innovative design from technical and aesthetic point-of-view.

Can accommodate
2 fibre adapters

Either SC simplex or LC Duplex in three way of position. The adapters can be flanged or flangeless type, either recessed or protruding from the faceplate as required. Fibre management features ensure a perfect routing and protection.


Press fit strain relief features secure the incoming cable whilst cable tie anchor points are provided for additional strain relief. Fibre cables can enter through the base of the unit or through the rear. Fibre management features ensure minimum bend radius of 25mm is maintained as the bare fibre is routed through the outlet.

Rear Box

Additionally, its possible to include a rear box that will fit perfectly, and it will preserve the spare frop fibre.

Can Storage

  • 1,75mt 5mm cable
  • 2,50mt 3mm cable
  • 20mts 0,9mm cable

Plug & Play solution

And very easy to work with.

Quality Design

The Mini-Fibre Wall Outlet is made from ABS plastic with quality design and surface finish. The cover can be customised with the networks operator’s logo. Tamper proof latches secure the cover to the base (children security).


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